Monday, June 15, 2009

Illustration Friday


This weeks word for Illustration Friday is "unfold." Instantly, this image came to life in my imagination, and it was fun to draw. I hope you enjoy guessing who all the characters are! A couple of them could fit into a number of stories. Who is the girl in the middle, she's probably me, wishing it was that easy to escape into a land magic and adventure.


  1. funy and lovely, how old r you ^^
    i like your pics

  2. This is a lovely style - perfect for children's books.

  3. How old am I? 35th b-day is coming up and I'm not too happy about this one! I'm still a kid inside.

    Thanks so much for the nice comments, all!

  4. Turned out cute! :) I love the way you drew Edward :) Nice!