Monday, June 21, 2010

Progress Report

See those little bars on the right side of the page. They are there to help me track the progress of my novel writing, and also as a visible reminder to WRITE! Writing fiction is something I started many years ago in the 9th grade, and I continued to write for many years after that. Around the time I decided to go to Art College, my ideas and confidence in my writing fizzled. This only got worse after graduation and especially after I went to work as a corporate artist, where creativity is highly important yet at the same time is easily squashed by the Uncreatives. For a time, I was stuck in a rut questioning my talent and feeling burnt out. But the experience only made me stronger, and I came through it better than I could have hoped for. In a way, it helped me "grow up" and put on a much thicker skin. It's now been eight years since I left art college, dreaming of a fantastic JOB. Now that I've had the JOB (and still do), it's time to take on the dream of writing that has been eating away at me all these years. Even if I never have a book published, it feels wonderful to have characters telling me their stories after all these years.