Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Sketchbook Project 2012

So, there is this really cool traveling sketchbook show that I am currently debating whether to participate in this year. It's the Sketchbook Project by The Art House Co-op. Basically, anyone from anywhere can participate. They send you a blank sketchbook, you pick a theme, fill up the pages, send the sketchbook back, and then it goes on tour. I thought about trying it last year, but the idea of filling an entire sketchbook scared me a way. I love sketchbooks. Other peoples sketchbooks. Especially the ones that are works of art in themselves. Some artists are tremendously talented at turing a simple sketchbook into something beautiful. I've never been one of those people. My sketchbooks have usually been scribbles and, well, sketches of something that might become something someday. I've used them as a place for rough drafts, often tearing out pages I did not like. But at the same time, I've always wanted to be one of those people with the beautiful sketchbooks.

The 2011 tour came to Atlanta and a friend and I spent a few hours perusing through some of the sketchbooks. There were over 10,000 of them! Yes I said 10,000! I looked through approximately 10-12 of them. Just being there, surrounded by the books sparked my desire to have my own book among them next year. Not all the books I saw were perfect works of art. Mine doesn't have to be. I should do it just for fun. Right? Right?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Blog!

I'm starting up a new blog dedicated to my writing. Duke and Lola will now be all about art. If you would like to follow my adventures in novel writing please check out:

Stay tuned for more art!